We want your help in choosing our next project.

We greatly appreciate you coming and checking out our store, even if we may not have what you are looking for yet.  We are incredibly proud of our line of Shockwave and other 500 Series accessories, and are looking to keep developing great products.  That is why we are asking for your feedback in what we should tackle next.  Below, you will find a link to a Google Survey where you can let us know what platforms you would like to see supported by us as well as give any feedback.  Thank you again for supporting us!

Click HERE to visit survey.  


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  • Rick from Houston

    This afternoon, I got my new Tac-14 from Defender Tactical. A very unique Coyote tan piece with black accessories including the rear grip, front strap, +1 Mag Extension with dual rail, upgraded with a Wolff spring and aluminum follower. In my opinion, no need to go to Taran Butler in California when you can upgrade your shotgun much better and cheaper right here in Texas!

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