Defender Tactical Universal Cartridge Adapter for Mossberg 500, 590, and Maverick 88
Defender Tactical Rail Adapters for Mossberg 590, Shockwave, 590A1, 590S, Remington 870, Tac 14, Patriot Brown, Stainless, Flat Dark Earth, Black Cerakote
Remington 870 TAC 14 with Defender Tactical Accessories Including Tac 14 Magazine extension with integrated rail, Defender Tactical M-LOK Front Strap kit, Defender Tactical Magazine Follower, and Defender Tactical Rear Grip Sleeve and Grip Strap

new! Mini-pro Lifter system for Mossberg

run Minishells to 3" Magnums simultaneously

Integrated Rail Systems

Unleash the tac-14

mossberg mounts

Helping You Defend What Matters.

Thank you for your interest in Defender Tactical.  We started this company to fulfill a need we identified in the defensive firearms market where we believe the traditional thinking to protect one’s home or business with a pistol or a rifle might not be the optimum choice.

Shotguns, and the recent introduction of shorter-barreled firearms that fire shotshell cartridges, open a new opportunity for homeowners and law enforcement to capitalize on the advantages these devices can have over high velocity, single-projectile options.  In addition, the recent introduction of reduced-recoil “minishells” opens a new opportunity for new and existing users to further optimize and diversify the payload options available to the sports shooter and home defender alike.

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