*NEW* Mini-Pro Lifter and Cartridge Arrestor System for Mossberg Shotguns

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* ATTENTION *  If you already own our Universal Cartridge Adapter and would like to modify and reuse it with the Mini-Pro Lifter, please choose the Lifter Only option.  For new users or those that don't want to modify their original adapter, please choose the Mini-Pro System kit, which already includes a modified adapter.

The Mini-Pro Lifter and Cartridge Arrestor System is the next step in the evolution of short-cartridge cycling capability.  Taking the success of our Universal Cartridge Adapter and 590S Cartridge Arrestor Upgrade Kits to the next-level, Mini-Pro is not an adapter; it is an OEM-like solution that addresses the heart of the shotgun's functionality, where the entire factory lifter/elevator is replaced with our Mini-Pro Lifter and 590S Cartridge Arrestor System.  This means you can essentially upgrade any Mossberg pump-action 12-Gauge shotgun with a 3" receiver to a true 590S-like configuration.

The Mini-Pro Lifter is constructed of hardened steel and blackened to match the factory finish.  The cam profile has been optimized to accommodate minishells, and the bolt carrier rails have been polished to smooth out the action and provide a "broken-in" feel.  The legs of the lifter are slightly biased in the open position to ensure plenty of residual pressure is applied to the pivot pins so they can't jump out of their respective holes if the firearm is dropped (see this video starting at minute marker 4:25 for more info: https://youtu.be/87XSOnQrCYg).

The Cartridge Arrestor is exactly the same as our 590S upgrade design and is constructed from vulcanized thermoplastic rubber.  The follower is machined from solid 6061-T6 billet aluminum and is finished in a hard, safety-red anodized coating.

This system is compatible with any Mossberg 500, 590 or Maverick 88 pump-action 12-Gauge firearm with machined grooves in the receiver.  Please refer to the picture or the installation video below to confirm your firearm's compatibility, but we've never seen a Mossberg pump-action firearm without these grooves.

*Please note our Universal Cartridge Adapter is forward-compatible with the Mini-Pro System with a simple modification.  If you already own the Universal Cartridge Adapter and would like to reuse it, you will only need to purchase the Mini-Pro Lifter.  See video for more details.

**The Mini-Pro Lifter, Cartridge Arrestor and Magazine Follower are optimized to function as a system, however the factory and other aftermarket followers may function as well for those that do not wish to use the follower provided.

***A short break-in period is recommended for the Mini-Pro Cartridge Arrestor, cycle 4-5 magazines of 2-3/4" cartridges thru the firearm before trying to feed 1-3/4" or 3" cartridges (can be dry-cycled if you have a safe place).


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Michael Harris
works great

exactly what you need to make your regular 590 into a "S" version; to shoot shorty shells.

Ramin Kavian

Just better then the stock that came with the shotgun.

jp finn
Well worth it.

Easy installation, 100% function.............what more do you want!

Bill W.
Mini-Pro Lifter and Cartridge Arrestor System for Mossberg Shotguns

Easy install and works perfectly

Greg Laurent
Mini Pro Lifter

High quality. Works great. No regrets.