Universal Minishell Adapter/Mag Follower Kit for Mossberg Pump Shotguns

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This kit essentially provides a conversion to 590S functionality, but in a more robust design.  It contains our patent-pending Universal Cartridge Adapter and low-drag no-snag Magazine Follower which allows smooth cycling of 1-3/4" Minishells up to 3" Magnum cartridges in the same magazine.  The adapter is constructed from vulcanized thermoplastic rubber, and the follower is machined from solid 6061-T6 billet aluminum.  This kit is compatible with any Mossberg 12-Gauge pump-action firearm with a 3" Chamber and machined grooves in the receiver.  Please refer to the picture below or the installation video below to confirm your firearm's compatibility.  

Please note there may be a short break-in period for some adapters after installation.  Cycle a few magazines of full-size shells if you initially experience issues with 1-3/4" shells, please reach out to us if problem persists.  

*The Cartridge Adapter and Magazine Follower are optimized to function as a pair, but the factory follower may function as well for those that do not wish to remove it.

 (PATENT PENDING U.S. PAT. OFF. 17693832) 

Customer Reviews

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William Austin
Excellent Shell Adapter

This device is excellent for adapting my Mossberg 500 to reliably cycling 1 3/4" shotgun shells. The huge advantage to this adapter over the "competition" is that the adapter doesn't have to be removed to fire 2 3/4 and 3" shells.

Elton Dyess
Makes Shockwave BETTER!

Followed the instructions & video and had the adapter installed quickly. Great addition to the shockwave and makes it a lot more “friendlier” to shoot with the mini shell! Love it!!

Good quality

Installed this kit along with lifter. Cycled several magazine tubes full of 1 3/4” shells flawlessly. Only complaint is having to trim the plastic piece for use with the lifter. Looks like even the kit comes trimmed rather than molded to the correct size and length.

Hi Nate thanks for the feedback. I think there is some confusion here; the requirement of cutting off the tongue is only intended for people who already have the original adapter, and now want to upgrade their lifter as well...that way their initial investment in the adapter is preserved, and those customers could purchase the 'Lifter Only' option.

The intent for new users is to purchase the Mini-Pro Kit which already includes a modified adapter. It seems you bought the original adapter and Lifter Only, which would have required you to trim the tongue as you described.

Sorry for the confusion, it's 2 ways to end up at the same place, but we'll go back and see if we can do a better job explaining this in the Product Description.

Works great

I was worried it would get in the way of loading larger rounds but it did not. Works as it should and no worries with it falling out

Adapter AND Follower

I have a 590A1. At first, I installed the DT adapter but not the follower. I already owned an after-market "slime-green" color follower for easy sight of empty, so I thought I didn't need the DT follower. The adapter allowed for seamless cycling of 1 3/4, 2 3/4, 3 and snapcaps, until the last round. Every last round got hung up and wouldn't load. I did this a dozen times and confirmed that regardless of the round size the final round got hung up. I fussed with the adapter and reinstalled it. Same thing. It was so discouraging. Then I finally put in the DT follower as a last-ditch effort, though I thought, "how could this make a difference?" But it made all the differnce. The last round issue was completely fixed. The feed into chamber was perfect. I did a trial with a dozen full mag tubes of random size rounds and it was flawless. So satisfying.