HighBall Front Bead Sight for Mossberg Firearms

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This kit contains "HighBall", our Oversized Front Bead Sight which is not only easier to see, but the extended height helps correct high-shooting that is caused by the short factory front bead.  HighBall is machined from solid Marine Brass and is passivated for increased corrosion resistance.
Pairs great with our SafetySight, find the kit here!

Customer Reviews

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Tom Reynolds
Sorted my high right POI!

Like most older mossberg owners I was plagued with high right POI especially with slugs. (And when I say high right I mean at 50 meters I was aiming at the floor to hit the steel!) This is due to recevier being so much higher than the bead that the shooter tilts the barrel up and right to see the bead. Between this and the rear safety sight switch its completely fixed my POI and I am very impressed.
Easy to fit and doesn't mess with ascetic of the firearm.
Please note you will have to do a touch of filing to the threads to get them flush with the inside of the barrel but as its brass this takes no time at all with a file.
I also want to point out defender tactical were extremely helpful, professional and easy to deal with!!

Edward Dotson
A little sanding and then a perfect fit.

Praise to your firm for selling me a fine product. A dry fit and then a little sanding to fit. I used locitite orange jel thread locker. Looking forward to shooting to adjust the aim. Thanks again.

Perfect Fix

Brought the point of aim right on point one a 20" 590 with a heat shield. Previously needed to aim 9" down at 30 yards with only the top of the bead popping out and it would naturally be invisible. Brought it right in line -- put the ball on what you want to hit.

Some filling needed during installation. 4 mm socket was perfect for install, but needed a to use a crescent wrench to get the factory bead off.

Chris H.
Thank you for this brilliant accessory !

Fantastic upgrade! I have a Mav88 with standard wall thickness barrel. As I expected I had to sand down the bottom of the new bead sight a little and it took me a little longer than Dawson shows in the vid as I needed to remove a little more for the thinner Mav barrel, but I used 320 grit paper too so a lot finer than what he uses in the vid. Finished with 1200 grit too, then polished the bottom of it as well. Im a perfectionist, which doesnt help. Not a problem though I like everything to be just right, so no one else needs to go to this extent :o) Have a bad neck injury at present, so wont be at the range to try it out for quite a while, but it is a WHOLE lot better to look at down the barrel at this than the standard bead. Used a long straight edge and the bottom of the ball lines up perfectly with the line of sight looking down along the top of the receiver. Its going to work brilliantly. Cant wait to see the difference in the field I have no doubt it will really help compared to the standard factory smaller and lower height bead causing high shots. The Defender Tactical one is a lot easier to see as well with my nearly 60 year old eyes. Thanks again Wesley and Dawson !

faye7591 on Ebay

I put one on a mav.88 & 500. These are Outstanding shotgun sights.